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At Melbourne Junior School, we're passionate about reading. In order to become proficient, independent learners, children need to be confident readers. During their time at our school, children will read and grow to love a variety of books. We hope to impart to them our passion for reading for pleasure.

Reading to and with your child, as often as you can, is one of the most important ways that you can support your child. 

Once you do, you can fill in your child's Home-School Diary to show their progress and any feedback you'd like to share with the class teacher. Any reading can be recorded, not simply reading scheme books or library books. You can also write down other books that you read with/to your child, as this provides class teachers with a broader picture of your child’s reading experiences.

Your child's teacher can provide you with many book and author suggestions and the following lists may provide a useful guide. These lists have been compiled from our favourite books and books we view as age appropriate (see below attachments). They are being added to all the time as exciting new books are published.