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Science Week 2024

British Science Week runs from Friday 8th March until Sunday 17th March 2024.  We will be starting our MJS celebrations off with a bang with our whole-school trip to the amazing Magna Science Centre.  The theme, this year, is time and we will be exploring this during our launch assembly and asking the children to think about how time links to the areas of science and technology showcased in the four pavilions at Magna: Air; Earth; Fire; Water.


Each year group will have their own activity/presentation during the week and these include: the Vehicle STEM Programme; a hands-on first aid workshop including the opportunity to explore an ambulance; a presentation from the lead engineer in racing at Triumph Designs Ltd. and the chance to handle props; a visit from a pilot linking time to his job and answering any questions that the children have.  We are very grateful to our STEM parents, who have very kindly volunteered their time to provide some of these presentations, and also to the STEM ambassadors from Rolls-Royce and The University of Nottingham, who are supporting us with the Vehicle STEM Programme. 


We will also be challenging children to create a science poster linked to the theme of time and this will be judged in school.  There will be a prize for the winning poster in each year group. 


Some teachers will be setting science homework and you will find some activities in the British Science Activity Pack below.  If children would like to complete extra activities from this booklet or the other ones attached, we would love to see any photos showing them in action!