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Y4 Rowan

Welcome to Y4 Rowan Class.

Fun Fact- the 'rowan' tree was known as the 'Wizard's tree' in our past.  Find out more about the rowan by clicking on the Woodland Trust logo.

This term we will be studying: 
English - Stories with fantasy settings
Maths - Measures including area, perimeter, money and time, Shape & Geometry
Science - Forces
D&T - Levers and linkages
Art - Jan Pienkowski
Computing - Coding (using variables & co-ordinates)
RE - Religions around us
French - Le Monde
PE - Tuesdays - Invasion games (outdoors)
        Thursdays - Athletics (outdoors)

Here are our arrangements for homework; thank you for supporting us in giving your child the very best opportunities to succeed:



Homework is given out on Thursdays to be handed in by the following Wednesday, where we review it as a class.



We ask that the children read 4 times a week.  Homework diaries are collected in on Fridays and stickers awarded for children who have managed this at home.  Thank you for supporting us in this aim, as reading is vital to so many areas of the curriculum as well as a very worthwhile life skill.



New spellings and a spelling activity are issued on Fridays.  Tests are also on Fridays and take the form of a dictation.  The words given out are from the expected list of words that children should know for Year 4- we call them 'orange words' at school.

Click on the Gov logo to view the Year 4 spelling curriculum and official word list.



This term, we have indoor PE on Tuesday (House tops, shorts & pumps,) and outdoor PE on Thursdays (tracksuit & trainers).


Before we wrote our own newspaper articles about the mysterious egg found on our school grounds, we read and studied various tabloids and broadsheets, noting their various features:

5s and 3s

Teaming up with some of Redwood (while some of our class members ventured off to a Rugby match,) we played a domino game called '5s and 3s' to help us with our multiples/factors work:

Wind in the Willows

As part of our Wind in the Willows topic, the children worked in groups to describe the main characters from the play/story using adjectives (or strings of adjectives,) simile, manner adverbs (-ly) and a host of other descriptive techniques:

Modern Dance

For indoor PE we have been exploring a 'machine' theme, building on a variety of different skills and use of speed, space and height (via snakes, kicks, turns, jumps etc).  At the end of the topic, the children were given 15 minutes to plan a dance routine with a clear start (machines switching on,) middle (any combination of the skills from the course,) and  a clear end (machines switching off).  They worked to 'Technology' by Daft Punk as suggested by professional dance materials.  Please enjoy the result, stitched into a video, below:


Still image for this video
Thanks for the fab Anglo-Saxon research completed over the half-term.  Take a look at some of the work below:

World Book Day


Thank you everyone for supporting this event and for buying books from the Book Fair, some funds of which will go towards school books for your children.  Here is our class looking amazing!


British Science Week 2016

What a fantastic week it has been!  As part of inspiring youngsters to engage with science we have investigated a different experiment everyday this week.  On Monday we were amazed by the Indestructible Water Bag! (based on vacuum and polymer properties): 

On Tuesday we were wowed by Mrs.Missin's Mission to Mars Rocket which was based on Newtons Third Law and varying the bars of pressure pumped into the 'pop bottle' rocket (by a very soaked Mr.Heysmond):
Wednesday was double science as we were very fortunate to have the visitors from the Science Centre with us to teach us about the 'Dangerous Science of Mining'.  It was fascinating and immense fun too:
We used Thursday to write about Wednesday!  But on Friday, during Sports Relief, we investigated the idea of an electrical circuit using our own bodies and a light ball.  We found that our bodies conducted electricity-even our noses!  We could also close the circuit using our bodies connected to a pool of water but we discovered that a plastic ruler wouldn't conduct electricity.  Here is a video of us linking hands to form a human circuit:

human_circuit avi.avi

Still image for this video