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PSHCE and SMSC Yearly Overview

Special days, weeks and months:

Autumn Term

Friendship month – September             

Black History Month – October               

Anti-bullying week – November                 

November – UK Parliament Week


Spring Term

International Women’s Day – 8th March 

Fair Trade Fortnight – 29th February – 13th March 

Justice Week - March 

Neurodiversity Week - 15th March

Young Carer Day - 16th March

Comic Relief/Sport Relief – March 24th 


Summer Term

7th April – World Health Day 

April - Earth Day

4th May – Global Road Safety Week 

May – Mental Health Awareness Week 

Mid-June - Refugee week

June 10th - Empathy Day

June 28th – Pride Day (June Pride Month) 

RSE - Summer Term


Year 2 lessons                        

Growing and Changing 

  • Life cycles and growing (Haven’t you grown) 
  • Body parts (My body, Your body) 
  • Body parts and privacy (Respecting Privacy)

Year 3 lessons                      

Growing and Changing 

  • Different types of relationships (Relationship Tree)
  • Appropriate touch and NSPCC PANTS (Body Space)
  • When to keep a secret and when not to (Secret or Surprise?)


Keeping Myself Safe 

  • Smoking and alcohol (Alcohol and Cigarettes: the facts)
  • Medicines (Help or Harm?) 


Year 4 lessons

Growing and Changing 

  • Changes and feelings (Moving House and My feelings are all over the place)
  • Body parts and Puberty (All Change)
  • When to keep a secret and when not to (Secret or Surprise?)
  • Puberty and menstruation (Preparing for periods and My Changing Body)
  • Marriage and relationships (Together)


Keeping Myself Safe 

  • Smoking and alcohol (Know the norms)
  • Medicines (Medicines: check the label) 


Year 5 lessons

Growing and Changing 

  • Emotions (How are they Feeling?)
  • Trust and appropriate touch (Taking notice of our Feelings)
  • Body parts, puberty and hygiene (Changing Bodies, Feelings & Growing Up and Changing Bodies)
  • Dealing with changing emotions (Help! I'm a teenager - get me out of here!)
  • When to keep a secret and when not to (Dear Ash)
  • Stereotypes and prejudice (Stop, Start, Stereotypes)


Keeping Myself Safe 

  • Drugs (What sort of drug is…? & Drugs: it’s the law)
  • Alcohol (Alcohol: What is normal?)


‚ÄčYear 6 lessons

Growing and Changing 

  • Emotions and dealing with them (Helpful or unhelpful? Managing change)
  • Body image, stereotypes and media (I look great! & Media Manipulation)
  • Pressure and appropriate touch (Pressure Online)
  • Body parts, puberty and hygiene (Is this normal?)
  • Conception and pregnancy (Making Babies)


Keeping Myself Safe 

  • Drugs (Drugs: True or False?)
  • Smoking (Smoking: What is normal?)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child's class teacher and also be prepared for any questions the children might ask you over the coming weeks! To help with this, follow the link to find some resources you may find useful:

Helping your children understand changes at puberty ( 

Also, the following books are recommended:

The children enjoyed the performance from 'Firehorse Productions' about bullying and how to deal with it and not be a bystander.