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We are very fortunate at MJS to have a very well resourced bank of hardware and software to enable effective use of the teaching of computing, both discretely through skills lessons and through all other subjects in the curriculum.  By Year 6, we aim for our pupils to be confident and competent users of a wide range of technology, who are able to make appropriate choices with what technology would be the most affective to achieve desired effects.  

We predominantly follow 'The Wokingham' scheme for computing to ensure full coverage of the aims of the National Curriculum 2014. This scheme splits the computing curriculum into 9 units. At MJS we have chosen to combine some units linked together i.e. music and digital media, and other units taught across the curriculum i.e. data within science and maths lessons.  All units provide an element of on-line safety, which is key to all our computing work and particularly with internet based technology.

Computing Long term software map 2017/18