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Homework will be set each Friday to be completed and marked for the following Friday (or the next Friday that school is open).

There will usually be a page of maths, a page of English, a multiplication table to practise and the current spelling list. Please try to read at least four times a week as well.

The children will be encouraged to write the relevant homework pages in their diary and in their homework books, and we will keep this page updated as more homework is set.

As a challenge, the children can time their multiplication tests - can they beat their previous time?


Year 4 Homework Overview

Set dateEnglishMaths





13.10.23  1 
20.10.23p4 nouns & p12 noun phrasesp14&15 written addition/subtraction21, 2 & 3
10.11.23p14 sentencesp39 area34
17.11.23p29 Apostrophes for possessionp22 Some important facts45
24.11.23Learn script and song lyrics forour Christmas production    56
30.11.23Learn script and song lyrics forour Christmas production 67

Remember that learning spellings and multiplication tables is not optional. Use Spelling Shed and TTRockStars to practise.