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Year 6 Learning Log

Have a look at what Palm and Willow have been up to...

Evacuee Day - WWII Launch Day


In history, we are learning about World War II and, in particular, key turning points of the conflict, such as the Battle of Britain.


To launch our studies, we experienced what life was like as an evacuee. We heard Neville Chamberlain announce that Britain was at war, packed our suitcases and bid a tearful farewell to our parents.


We travelled by train to the village of Melbourne (our village did host evacuees during the war) and watched an extract from Carrie's war to help to understand what it was like for evacuees to be away from in a strange place.  We also read The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes.

Lea Green Visit 12/9/23


It may have been a wet day but that certainly did not dampen our spirits!

We used our map reading skills to navigate during a walk around Lea and Dethick; practised our bouldering skills in the cave, which included a 'Hanging Tough' competition; rode buggies around a circuit and used our teamwork and logical thinking skills to solve some problems. 


A fun day was had by all!