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Year 6

Our end of year party! Goodbye and Good luck Year 6 - we will miss you!


Day 3

Our final day at Lea Green has been a busy one, trying to pack in as much as possible before we return home. A final visit to the stream walk, more fun on the paddleboards, den building and fire starting in the woods and climbing the dizzy heights of the high ropes.  


We are so proud of the children's achievements and they have made memories that they will remember for life.


Some final pics... 



Day 2

A swap round with the activities today, with more of us having the chance to light fires, scramble through streams, paddle board and swing from the high ropes.

The weather has been kind, so it was the activities that left us wet rather than the rain!

Dinner was pasta bolognaise - "the best food I've had for ages" and "it's better than my mum's" were a couple of the reviews!

One more activity for each group tomorrow so that we've all had the chance to have a go at everything, then back to Derby - wet, tired and smelling of woodsmoke!

Day 1

We've had an exciting first day. The activities have included: bushcraft, high ropes, stream walk and paddle boarding.


For dinner we had delicious chicken curry followed by cake and fruit.


Then we went on a long night walk to try and tire us out.  Here are some pics! 


Lights out at 10:20pm - we hope!


Year 6 Learning Log

Have a look at what Cedar, Palm and Willow have been up to...

The children worked very hard during the DT structures unit to create their own prototype bridges, where a design criteria had to be met.

Basketball with Steady

Today, we practised out basketball skills with Steady the coach. It was great fun and we all improved our ball control.

Stars and Stripes Day

As part of our North America study, we held a special geography day where we learnt about the United States of America.


We learnt about the states of the US; used the eight-points of the compass and lines of latitude and longitude to locate places; learnt about time zones of the US and went on a road trip around the country, visiting key locations.

Coronation Cupcakes

As part of celebrations, the children were invited to design a Coronation Cupcake fit for a king!

Congratulations to Maisy and Tilly who were our the winners. As you can see below, the competition was close.

Making batik bags has been our favourite art topic so far and the results have been fabulous!

We were so excited to have a visit from Hawkeye Falconry and meet their owls Bubble, Milo and Domino.

Science Week

The theme this year is 'Connections'.


We have had a number of visitors talking about their jobs and the area of science which link to them.

We had a Zoom call from Switzerland with Lottie Cavanagh, who is studying for a PhD in particle physics. She is currently working on the Faser project at CERN - searching for dark matter.


Mrs Louise Hill, who works for The Environment Agency, came in to talk to us about her job and about river ecosystems and the impact of invasive species. 


We also joined a virtual meeting run by the NFU - How are sheep connected to seaweed?



Harry Potter Day


The children received a letter inviting them to enroll in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


First of all, we had to find platform 9 3/4 to catch the Hogwarts Express. On arrival, we were greeted by the teachers (dressed in their best cloaks and hats), who led us into the Great Hall, where the sorting hat put us into our houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.


We learnt some spells and made some potions in our potions lesson. We are looking forward to our Harry Potter inspired writing tasks this term!


Reading Relay


As we move into the second week of our BIG READ event, the children completed the Reading Relay today. When the 'book baton' appeared at a classroom door, the children (and staff) had to stop everything and read! This meant that there was someone reading somewhere in MJS at every moment of the day - that's a total of 6 hours and 40 minutes!

World Book Day 2023

The theme of the day was 'You as a Reader'. We came dressed as book characters, wrote book clues or simply shared our favourite books. See how many you can name! 



We dressed as elves and completed many Christmas tasks to help Father Christmas.

Willow Class have been learning to play the accompaniment to 'Disco Fever' on Glockenspiels

Odd Socks Day

As part of our Anti-bullying Week, we celebrated Odd Socks Day. This year's theme is: Reach Out.

The Journey


We had a virtual visit from Debbie. She works for the National Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire. She ran a workshop called 'The Journey'.



Step back in time to Nazi Germany. Step into the life of Leo, a young German Jewish boy growing up in 1930s Berlin. Everything changes for him under Nazi rule. Eventually, his family makes the brave choice to send him to safety in the UK, as a child refugee on the Kindertransport.


Leo’s story raises big questions. What is it like to be seen as ‘different’? What courage does it take to stand up for our friends against bullying? Take a journey into one of the most dramatic periods of world history, to help you think about identity, friendship and kindness in your own life today.


The children really engaged with this workshop and asked many important questions.

Pudsey Ramble - great fun had by all!

National Poetry Day - 6th October


As part of the celebrations, Year 6 learnt and performed a poem called 'The Battle of Britain' by James Wiggins.



Year 6 The Battle of Britain.mp3

We also wrote acrostic poems inspired by the book 'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane. Our poems were entered into a national competition. Fingers crossed. Here are a few examples:

Design Technology - Cam Toys

The children have worked really hard to design and create their moving toys, using cams mechanisms. 

Evacuee Day


In history, we are learning about World War II and, in particular, key turning points of the conflict, such as the Battle of Britain.


To launch our studies, we experienced what life was like as an evacuee. We heard Neville Chamberlain announce that Britain was at war, packed our suitcases and bid a tearful farewell to our parents.


We travelled by train to the village of Melbourne (our village did host evacuees during the war) and a very strict billeting officer organised us. We waited to be 'chosen' by our foster families.

Our transition day activity