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Year 3

Easter Church Visit

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March 2023


We have been offered a brilliant opportunity to visit the Parish church for an Easter Experience!  It is a visit that will enhance your child’s RE curriculum and their understanding of such an important event in the Christian calendar.


It is during the school day, so no travel arrangements are needed, no costs incurred.  The dates are Tuesday 28th March for Year 3 and Redwood class and Wednesday 29th March for Poplar and Sycamore classes. 

                              We will leave school at 1pm and return to school before end of day.

If you are able to come as a parent helper for these visits, please see the letter sent with your child, or email their teacher directly.


Thank you,

Year 3 and Year 4 Teams

National Poetry Day

In Year 3, we learnt and performed a poem called 'Mr Shadow's Shoes' by Paul Cookson.